MODx PHPIDS implementation

Update to the current Version 0.6.2 of PHPIDS integration for  MODx is released. PHPIDS is a PHP based intrusion detection, to find out at a very early step about atacks to your website.

The current version is completely configurable with MODx properties. There is no need to change the PHPIDS configuration file.
Moreover, in the current version is e-mail notification by SMTP available
In addition, when using logging in a database table, the table is automatically created.

For all who wants to know more about it, there is an article available at Heise Security.

The Zip file does not include PHPIDS, which is available at But it does include a  MODx plugin, ready to use.

PHPIDS is LGPL licensed, my plugin too.

You can download it from


Article in German


Screenshot of the configuration:

PHPIDS configuration with MODx

Published on 2009-09-21

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